Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Growing Girls!

The girls had their annual (and new "baby") checkups last week and are both healthy, growing girls!  WanYing has some routine test results that will come back this week to make sure she doesn't have any tummy bugs, etc, but other than that she checked out marvelously.

WanYing weighed in at 24 pounds and measured 36 inches tall, which explains why she seems so ginormous to me - she is!  Steve and I have marveled at how much bigger WanYing is than our memories of Sasha when she got home and it turns out that we are not imagining the difference - WanYing is just about the same weight as Sasha was when she came home, and she's a full 5 inches taller!  Even on U.S. height charts WanYing is in the 94th percentile.  Woah.

Sash continues to chug along growth-wise and is following what appears to be her natural growth curve. She's currently almost 34 pounds (44th percentile) and 38 inches (16th percentile).

I'm just so excited that our girls for made it on the charts and are staying on the charts!


Misty said...

LOVE all the pics!! Great to hear their are both doing so well!

Susan said...

5 inches, that is significant!!! I always imagined girls from china being tiny and shorter..not your girl.


great pics-love the mountain backgrounds. :)

Christel and Family... said...

whoa! I can't believe how tall she is!!!
I LOVE the new picture at the top!!!
I love the announcement you sent! What a precious little girl!!! I always look at her and wonder to myself what is so familiar about her face... i figured it out just now... When she smiles she reminds me of my Alex... in girl form!! :)
Sasha looks so happy to have a sista!! :)
All you kids are BEAUTIFUL!!!



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