Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Festivities

We had a wonderful Easter day, a fantastic celebration complete with the requisite chocolate, egg hunt, and way more delicious food than anybody should eat at one sitting.

In our house, we take Easter gifts seriously.  After all, if Jesus' birth is worth celebrating, how much more so his resurrection!?!

Admittedly, there's not spiritual significance to chocolate bunnies...

...even bunnies consumed while wearing bunny ears... which is kind of a conflict of interests

Sigh.  They look so dang cute!  Even when they're all hopped up on sugar at 7 am

WanYing's first Easter was a total success

Fast-forward to the afternoon.  The kids "patiently" await the all-clear for the egg hung.

And they're off!

He sure doesn't look (or run) like he has a Lego in his lung!

Confetti eggs!  Definitely Mommy's favorite part of the afternoon

Sam graciously poses for an egg-hunt-cheesy-grin photo

Sash was a formidable egg hunt competitor this year

And WanYing takes the prize for Morningstar kid who caught on fastest to the idea.  All of our other kids were happy with a single egg or two for their first few egg hunts.  Not this gal - she was all about mass collection.

One happy mouth full of chocolate.  Oh, and doesn't this dress look fantastic on the third Morningstar/Reinhart gal to wear it?  Sash wore it for her first Easter at home, and the dress was originally mine when I was a little girl!

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Anna said...

Way too cute! Maybe one day you can help them understand why they shouldn't be eating bunnies while pretending to be a bunny. :)


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