Friday, April 15, 2011

One Month a Morningstar

Our WanYing has officially been our WanYing for one whole month!

It has been such a joy getting to know each other.  A challenge, yes.  A stretching adventure, yes.  But also a true joy and blessing.

We learn more about our little girl and love her more with each passing day... but then again, we'll probably be saying that for the rest of our lives!

Current favorite foods are bananas (a staple since we met), yogurt, oranges, and anything spicy (also a staple since China). She never turns down a spicy dish, although her nose does run a little as she gobbles it down!

Oh, and in exciting, "Please, God, let Mommy and Daddy sleep" news, WanYing has gone to sleep without tears for the past four consecutive nights! She's still waking up at night (and, yes, Daddy is still a saint), but now she wakes up and fusses a little instead of back-arched, heartbroken shrieking. Fussing has never sounded so good :)

Happy one month anniversary, WanYing!


Lou Ann said...

Has it really been a month? Congrats to you all and especially to Mommy & Daddy for getting some much needed sleep!

And what a nice surprise to hear that you'll be heading to Seattle. I sure hope we can meet up. I'll email you to work out the details!

Lou Ann

Shelly said...

It's amazing how fast the time FLIES!!! So happy to hear that sleep is so much better for you all!

aultfamily said...

Wow, that month has flown by for me for you. :)

She is beautiful and it is great to see her settling into the Morningstar family!


megustalamoda said...
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Laura García said...

Happy one month anniversary and for many months!!!

Feliz mes-aniversario y por muchos meses más!!

Laura :)

China Dreams said...

Good news all around. So glad the nights have changed for all of you.



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