Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Hard-Hitting Interview with a Soccer Star

Mom:  What's the best thing about soccer?
Ben:  Definitiely the after-game treats

Mom:  What's the hardest thing about soccer?
Ben:  Well, the hardest thing about soccer is in the middle when I'm running and running and I get really tired.

Mom:  What's it like having your dad as a coach?
Ben:  Um.  Well.  My dad isn't very good at coaching, really. He is all, "ok, here's where the ball goes.  Ok, kick it in." And then sometimes when we accidentally get hit in the arms - not like with our arms way out but with our arms in being protected - he keeps the game going.

Mom:  Which do you like better, soccer or skiing?
Ben:  Skiing!  Well, soccer.  Because I don't get frozen.

Mom:  Are you going to be a soccer superstar some day?
Ben:  Um.  Well.  That is a definite nnnnnoooo.

Ben's most pigtail-iest fan

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MissM said...

I love the accompanying pictures - I guess you shouldn't get in Ben's way! Poor Dad...Ben just doesn't appreciate his soccer genius.


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