Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Photos of Baby WanYing!

Oh the cuteness! Oh the glorious and marvelous blessing of it all! Today we received photos of our baby girl as a baby - she's just under 2 months old in these shots!

And how did this wonder transpire? There are a few charitable organizations that work in WanYing's old SWI and, slightly psycho mommy that I am, I contacted all of them in the off chance that they might have even more baby photos of our girl than we've already been blessed with.

It turns out that one of the organizations I contacted, Love without Boundaries, did a nutrition study at Shangrao SWI in April 2009 and they had photos of the little gals in the study. Today they sent us precious photos of our princess at two months.

What an amazing gift for us and for WanYing. And wasn't she just the cutest! Some things don't change :) I am, however, glad that we shed those crazy mittens and grew a little hair.


Laura García said...

Que alegria poder tener fotos de WanYing de tan pequeña!!!
El camino de la adopción esta siempre lleno de sorpresas agradables.


Jennifer said...

Yes, she was the cutest, and some things don't change. She is (and was) quite a beautiful little girl. What a great gift!

Jessica and Chris said...

Wow! That is awesome! Such a wonderful thing that they could give to you guys. I hope you all are doing well!

Luciana said...

What a treasure!


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