Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tea for Two

[Contented sigh] I admit it, these were the scenes in my head when I dreamed of having two girls.

Sash pours out (she still has some control issues, but WanYing is patient with her)

Sasha still toasts, "To China!" every time we clink glasses

Delish!  Sasha makes a mean cupa

Wawa was really hungry and needed lots of Goldfish refills (Wawa is  "doll" in Mandarin - WanYing refers to every doll, Elmo, teddy bear, and stuffed animal in our house as Wawa)

Beautiful girls enjoying beautiful sisterhood on a beautiful day!


Lori @ Five of My Own said...

I'm so emo tonight...I'm tearing up looking at these sweet pictures. Something about improbable yet perfectly matched sisters gets me:)

Lou Ann said...

Two beautiful sisters sharing a special time and a beautiful mom to catch it. They are so real in the moment and clearly already sisters. So sweet!!

Jennifer said...


Angela said...

So sweet! Almost makes me want a little sister for Aaliya. She would love this. Enjoy these moments - they are precious!

Laura GarcĂ­a said...

Beautiful photos!


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