Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Silversmithing Class

For Christmas my parents gave me a silversmithing class at the Sundance Art Shack... and for a variety of reasons, it didn't actually happen until this weekend - but it was well worth the wait!

Steve and I had so much fun making our own unique creations and were thrilled with the results. Who knew we had these fabulous latent talents just waiting to be uncovered? I'm sure that the instructor's gentle suggestions and fixes had nothing to do with the fantastic results :)

Steve solders the silver on the necklace he designed for Sasha (we had this thinly-veiled look of terror on our faces a lot)
Jamie hammers out the band for her ring (note the tongue out in concentration - it's genetic)
Time to smooth out the stone's setting - almost done!
And the finished pieces! The best part about this picture was the positioning and framing - it was a small miracle that neither I nor the jewelry ended up in the river.
Ta dah!
And, of course, Sasha loves her new necklace. An especially pretty accessory for the collection :)

1 comment:

marymary said...

That's super cool and the pieces you made are beautiful. Silversmithing is on my list of things I'd love to learn someday.


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