Thursday, May 6, 2010

One handy dandy invention

Thank you Calvin and Hobbes for providing my children with all the inspiration needed to spend a pleasant spring afternoon outside in the fresh air, their only requirements for happiness being each other, a cardboard box, and a Sharpie.

This time it was a time machine/duplicator. While Sasha spent most of her time in the Jurassic period (it's lovely this time of year), Sam was busy duplicating himself. I was glad to see that he had the forethought to include a "Duplicit Self-Destruct" button. After all, I saw at least the trailer for Multiplicity and I know the dangers of duplicating yourself without the proper controls set into place.

I am, however, a little concerned about the options to create both, "good" and "evil" duplicates... I guess I should be glad I have a choice (?)


marymary said...

I love this so much. Hilarious.

FitzGerald Kaz Journey said...

I thought this was hilarious. Nice to see kids using their imagination and humor. So funny!


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