Friday, May 14, 2010

Mother's Day Stepping Stones

For Mother's Day the kids got me an exceedingly thoughtful stepping stone kit and hanging flower baskets for the back yard. It was great - a gift we could enjoy making together and admire all summer long...

...still, and I know I should not admit this in a public forum, I was a little disappointed. You see, on several separate occasions, when questioned about the Mother's Day gift I would receive, Sasha promised that she had gotten me a tiger. A real live tiger of my very own! And she always punctuated the assertion with a, "ROAR!" for emphasis.

I mean, when you have your heart set on a 1/2 ton killer cat... it's hard to let go of those Mike Tyson/Siegfried and Roy dreams.

But I will seek contented- ness in my fabulous stepping stones and flowers, and perhaps Santa will bring me some sort of lethal pet for Christmas if I'm really good.

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