Saturday, May 1, 2010

Southern Utah Campout - Delicate Arch

Stop #2 on the boys' must-see-list was Delicate Arch. To be honest, I was a little surprised that they were so excited about Delicate because it's a fairly challenging 1.5 miles each way, but you can't keep a good Morningstar down!

The tiny little dots in this photo are Steve, Sasha, Sam, and Ben, just to give you some perspective on the "delicateness" of the arch.

I know that the sheer fact that I am surprised by this exposes my naivete, but the boys managed to scare the pants off of me during this outing, like all other outings before it. I took Sasha on a stroll to go see if Gramma and Poppop were close to arriving at the arch (Ben received a $.50 bonus for beating Poppop by a longshot) and when I returned to the viewpoint after not finding the grandparents, the boys were nowhere to be found. The conversation went something like this:
Jamie: Where are the boys?
Steve: They went climbing below the arch
Jamie: In the ravine of death!??
Steve: Yeah, it's not that steep if you go down that one side. See, there they are!
Jamie: Those tiny dots?!? I want to return to the campground with three children, Stephen Carle Morningstar, THREE!

Clearly, one of my cool, calm, and collected moments. The grandparents did arrive, we enjoyed a beautiful sunset, the boys did crawl their way out of the ravine of death, and we returned to the campground with three children. Mission accomplished.

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