Sunday, May 2, 2010

Southern Utah Campout - Sand Dune Arch

Our third and final must-do activity on the boys' list was Sand Dune Arch. And boy did we do Sand Dune Arch. We're talking two hours of non-stop climbing and leaping and rolling around in the sand. Kid heaven. No broken bones (I feel compelled to continually point that out, since the boys are tiny dots on top of giant precipices more often than not in the photos I'm posting of our weekend in Arches. I'll treasure each of these small, no ER-required Mommy victories).

Gramma, Sasha, and Sam enter the arch-slot - you can tell which members of our party refuse to take the easy path anywhere!
Mama and Sasha stroll through the deep, soft sand
Ben and Sam take flight
And never to be left behind, Sasha does her own leaping! At least she chose a toddler-sized rock.


Smith Fam said...

Even at 15, 12 and 11 years old, our girls still demand that we spend major time playing at Sand Dune Arch every time we go. They never want to miss it and are never ready to leave when we are.

marymary said...

The jumping pics are amazing. And managed to raise my blood pressure, even though you'd already assured me there were no injuries.


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