Monday, May 3, 2010

Southern Utah Campout - Fiery Furnace and Pine Tree Arch

Our last Arches post :) I told you we could fill weeks of blog posts with our photos and adventures in Southern Utah!

The kids were kind enough to indulge Steve and me with a Fiery Furnace tour... I think this is the fourth time we've done the exact same tour, but we had to show it to the grandparents and, besides, we love it ever-so-much.

Both Sam and Ben were big helps to our friendly ranger guide (it helps that they've been on the tour four times)
Hmm... we may have glazed over the explanations of scrambling and slot traversal when we signed Gramma and Poppop up for the hike.
If we hadn't already been through the hike with each kid in the carrier, I don't think I would have believed that both Steve and Sash could make it through! Way to go, spider-daddy!

And our ultimate outing, culminating the Arches campout, was a walk through Devil's Garden to Pine Tree Arch. This was a new one for us, and Ben navigated us carefully and safely to our destination. As promised, Pine Tree Arch was a great one for climbing! I don't know how Ben knew that just from the map... I guess he has a 6th sense for these things. I think it's a prerequisite for the Junior Ranger curriculum that Sam and Ben completed - and boy do they look official in their badges, which they are still wearing around the house!

The start of the Devil's Garden walk
Sam is prepared with his backpack, Sasha and Ben with their maps!
The drainage pipes throughout the park provided copious amusement for our kiddos. The rule was that as long as you could see daylight at the other end and it wasn't filled with tumbleweed, you could crawl through. It ended up being the preferred route to cross the road - who needs a crosswalk?
We arrive at Pine Tree Arch - and as Ben promised, climbing abounded
We had such a great mini-family vacation!

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Family Road Trips said...

It was fun to read your blog post about your trip to Southern Utah. It is an amazing place!

We are a family of eight. We love to travel and we end up doing many travels in Utah. It is always adventure.

If you ever make a trip throughout Utah again with your kids, you ought to try out a printable Utah travel activity book for kids that I made about a month ago for our kids.


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