Sunday, February 21, 2010

Celebrating Sam's Birthday

On Saturday we celebrated Sam's 9th birthday at the happiest place in Orem, if not the whole wide world, if you're a Morningstar male - the Nickelcade (as featured in posts like The Best Day Ever and Happy Birthday Steve!)

Technically we celebrated at Nickel City, which is the new name for the Nickelcade in its new location. When Sam suggested that he'd like to have his party at Nickel City I was all for it - now's the time to book, before it gets crappy and disgusting like the old Nickelcade (Mommy's true colors shine through). Plus, all I had to provide was the cake :)

And I have to say that Nickel City exceeded all of my expectations. The pizza was completely edible. I didn't worry about my kids contracting some sort of disgusto disease (again, in stark contrast to the old Nickelcade location). The kids had a fabulous time. And the lasertag was totally awesome.

Sam and Daddy get their game on

I guess I shouldn't complain, at least she chose a gun that coordinated with her outfit

Jack and Steve inside the lasertag arena - I told you it was awesome!

Sasha has a strange affinity for yellow ride-on animals at arcades - check out the marked similarities between this photo and Babylon in Karaganda (the photo near the end of that post)

I was very pleased with Sam's cake - he said that he wanted to have a nickel cake, and I delivered! I took a picture of a nickel (a 2001 nickel, of course) and got it printed out at one of those photo-on-a-cake bakeries where they print the photo out on a thin sheet of icing, and Steve and Sam applied it to our homemade 9-inch round cake. Perfecto!

Happy Birthday, Sam! Hope you got your birthday wish!

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sandyamstar said...

WOW! I didn't think the Nickelcade could be improved but a new location and lasertag too!! Great birthday party destination Sam!


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