Monday, February 8, 2010

Ode to Columbia Sportswear

We once had a puffy red Columbia down jacket, size 4. It survived 2 very active boys, but lost its zipper pull in the process.

Knowing that Columbia has an excellent warranty, and expecting Sasha to wear said jacket next year, I shipped it back to Columbia a few weeks ago for a zipper repair. And what arrived on our doorstep this week? A brand new, completely adorable, jacket for Sasha! This baby has all the bells and whistles - it's waterproof, has the little goggle pocket, and even contains a powder skirt for those Utah pow pow days. Actually, when you're 3 feet tall, I guess that even a little fresh snow necessitates the powder skirt :)

Now we just have to get this gal on skis - she has all of the requisite gear to hit the slopes in high style!

So go dig through your closets and find your busted Columbia gear and maybe you can be as tricked out as my youngin :)

Oh, and Elmo says, "Cheese!"

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