Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fun with Word Concatenation

Sam's always making up new word combos, like "linner" (if you can have brunch, then why not dinner?), but tonight it all went horribly wrong as the boys discussed the color of their spit after brushing their teeth...
Ben: Look, Sam, I'm a witch!

[explanation - we love books by Roald Dahl, and in The Witches you can tell somebody is a witch in part because they have blue spit. The boys use blue toothpaste, hence the connection]

Ben: I'm a boy witch!

Sam: Yeah, a bowitch!

[wait for it...]

Sam: A b*tch!

[exceedingly awkward pause]

Sam: Uh, yeah, we'll just go with bowitch.
I nearly passed out from the effort of stifling my hysterical guffaws.


Anna said...

I can't tell you how much I laughed after reading this! You can tell your boys have amazing parents through their amazingness. :)

Jeff Anderson (theCRICKETtoy) said...

This is priceless. Never know what words come out sometimes (especially when they don't do it on purpose).

I am, obviously, a huge fan of awkward pauses, so I LOVE this entry!

Jeff Anderson
for those awkward pauses (crickets chirping)

Amy said...

Thanks for starting my day out with a laugh.....priceless

Ben Loveridge said...

I have to share this with my wife! :)


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