Saturday, February 13, 2010

Boys on Skis

What's better than a day at work and school? While both are fabulous ways to spend a day, they do pale in comparison to a family day on the slopes!

I learned:
1. Skiing with the boys is terrifying
2. Skiing from 10-4:30 confirms that I am indeed out of shape (not that I was particularly confused on this point)
3. Spending the day skiing with my husband, boys, and our dear out-of-town friends the Thomases actually does beat a day of work, hands down

Here we are on the lift - they look so peaceful and safe while going uphill... only to turn into little mommy-terrifyers on the way down!

Can you believe this is Ben's first season on skis?

Why stay on the snow when you can fly?

At least he always lands in one piece (so far at least)

Ben and Zack attack Bear Claw (their first time on the back mountain!) and emerge victorious!

And Mom and Dad pause for a gorgeous bluebird shot on top of Bishop's Bowl. That's one good looking couple!

At least we have decent health insurance for when my worries do come to fruition and somebody finally breaks something :) Kids heal fast, right?

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