Saturday, February 6, 2010

Film Fest Recap

I just realized that I never did a full summary of our Sundance films this year. We saw 3 documentaries and 1 drama this year and were again impressed by how the quality of the films we see goes up every year. I think we're getting a little better at choosing them (Rule #1: Never buy tickets to a Sundance film with the words "sexual awakening" in the description).

I think that our favorites were Waiting for Superman (a documentary about the U.S. public education system) and Space Tourists (a documentary about the Russian space program - read Sam's full description in the January 25th post). The other two were also well worth seeing, and since Kate was in town the experience was completely fabulous even if the films weren't quite as good as the company - they were Last Train Home (Chinese documentary about migrant factory workers going home for New Year) and Please Give (drama - basically Friends with Money only about a family in New York).

Even though we only screened at the Sundance Resort (Rule #2 - avoid Park City like the plague) we still had a couple of fun star-sightings (Mr. Redford, who still counts as a star-sighting even though we see him at Sundance periodically, and Karen Allen, the chick who played Marion in 2 Indiana Jones movies).

A successful Fest all around!

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