Monday, January 25, 2010

Sam's First Fest

On Friday we watched a movie called Space Tourists. I really don't think it was the kind of movie you expect to see every day - you know, bombs, women, running, that kind of thing. It was more like a real life story. [Editor's note: In other words, it was a documentary.]

We saw it at bah bah bah [Editor's note: sing it like the theme for 2001: A Space Odyssey] Sundance Screening Room! It was part of the Sundance Film Festival. And I think it was really cool.

I think the coolest part of the movie is when Romania had a one-stage rocket brought up by a giant black balloon that uses heated air to go up and then the rocket goes into outer space and a robotic thing lands on the moon.

The director talked to us after the movie. The director told us about stuff to do with the movie - about the Russian space program and that there are a bunch of space monuments in Kazakhstan. [Editor's note: Ok, Sam's interest in narrating this blog post waned by this point in his description - telling you about Friday's movie can't compete with the allure of The A-Team theme playing from downstairs. The Q&A time with the director was amazing. He talked a lot about the secrecy surrounding the Russian Space Program and about how the Kazakhstani government helped him film when the Russian officials were trying to limit his access to parts of the story, which was all really fascinating. It was a great screening, and with a Kaz flair to boot!]



Lou Ann said...

Way cool and I love that Steve wore his Kazakh/Russian hat! Nice touch.

The Fox Den said...

Fun! Glad he enjoyed his first experience there!!


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