Thursday, January 28, 2010

Working the System

Mom: Ben, it's almost time for dinner, please clean up the paints
Ben: I think Sasha might want to keep painting
Mom: Sasha, are you all done with the paints?
Sasha: Yeah
Mom: Ok, Ben, clean 'em up
Ben: No, no, Mom, just wait. Sasha, do you want more paints? [spoken with enthusiasm]
Sasha: [mirroring enthusiasm] Yeah!
Ben (to Mom): See!

The boys have started to use the fact that Sasha answers pretty much any question with a "yes" to their advantage... crafty devils


jerry said...

hahaha!!! It is the same way around here!! as long as you tone the question to say yes or no... you get the answer you want... not the real answer but an answer... :) Alex has figured it out too and he's only 4!!! heehee
Crazy kids!

jerry said...

I just realized i am logged into my hubby's account... its Christel actually commenting!! :)


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