Thursday, January 21, 2010

Obligatory Hair Update

Somehow it seems odd to take close-ups of the boys' hair, but I'm more than willing to do multiple sittings of Sasha's hair from 6 inches away. I'm just so entranced by the curls! Of course, by the time her hair is dry from the bath it's already caked with dog drool and spaghetti sauce (not necessarily in that order), so the curls don't stay around for long, but I sure love them for as long as they last!

I think that Sash was kinda freaked out by my insistence that she turn her head away from the camera before I would snap a photo, so she kept whipping her head around and doing strange things... like eating paper... and collapsing into hysterics. Oh well, she's still adorable, even with a mouth full of printer paper.

1 comment:

Susan said...

her hair is darling!!!! and you said Leeza should give her tips..I THINK NOT! Her hair is longer than Ms. Leeza's. and we don't have ANY curls. i'm just glad no one calls her a boy anymore. I mean,nothing against boys, i love boys, i have a son, but she's MY GIRL! :)


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