Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Independence - 6

The child clearly needs more constructive outlets for her energy. She has now taken to pushing chairs over to the kitchen drawers, climbing up, and emptying them of all of the silverware, which she then arrays on the counter next to her. Ok, technically we know that she's doing it at the time... but it keeps her happy and isn't actually destructive even if it isn't especially helpful. When surviving a two-year-old, sometimes you'll happily choose the activity that makes the least amount of mess, because not making a mess is simply not a viable option.

To be honest, I think that she has kind of a nice eye for the arrangement. Can one create a career path doing silverware placement?

And on the up-side, the empty silverware organizer has finally prompted me to clean out the drawers.


Hewitts4Him said...

Do I see a princess t-shirt?

Lou Ann said...

Way cute. Does she have time to empty my drawers too? Or at least teach Lexie how. Lexie has NO interest in anything domestic in the kitchen.

And I know what you mean about picking your messes. If you don't have to wipe up after them what's the worry?

The Robeys said...

I know all about the chair! Any time someone is in the kitchen doing something you hear a little voice say, "Wait!" followed by the sound of chair coming your way. He loves to help out in the kitchen, especially if it involves playing in water, like doing the dishes.

sandyamstar said...

Now that's the difference between boys and girls! Xave just throws the silverware on the floor. Glad Sasha is more "helpful."

The Adventures of Annie's Ri said...

I was the same way as a child, so my dad bought me one of my favorite toys....Marble can build different types of towers with the different pieces and then let the marble fall through the different slots...the fun of it is making different ways, so building it, then tearing it down, then rebuilding it brought me such joy as a child....just a thought for Sash...:)

~Miss Cori


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