Monday, January 4, 2010

An Elegant Evening

This fall, the girls in my accountability group decided that we needed a quality dress-up excursion this Christmas. Like suits, pantyhose (not worn together), do-the-hair dress up. So, after scouring the Christmas concert calendar for many weeks and not finding anything suitable, we decided to make our own party at the Sundance Tree Room!

And after several outfit-coordinating email exchanges ("You're really getting dressed up, right?" "Is Steve wearing his suit?" "Yes and you'd better wear a dress because I already curled my hair!") I think we ended up as a pretty snazzing looking set, don't you think? It's fun to get dressed up every once in a while.

The company was perfect and the food, as always, was amazing. I love the tree room. It's my own little slice of heaven. Elegant, delicious, just-a-little-snobby-but-not-over-the-top heaven.

After dinner, we took some couples' shots outside. I think this one turned out particularly nicely - Steve with eyes closed, me looking terrified or maybe just really confused and the bow on the wreath behind me apparently perched upon my head like a giant red hair bow! A winner of a photo.

Ah, yes, that's better. A suitably elegant photo for our very elegant evening.


Smith Fam said...

Y'all look fab-o! What fun!

I love that the blog ad that came up is for suits at Jos Bank. I was thinking that if they could all clean up that good, perhaps I needed to wear a suit more often...

Hewitts4Him said...

You all look amazing! And Jamie I definitely think you should wear bows more often...very becoming!

Laura said...

I made it on the blog!!!!! That's the only reason I went!

E said...

You all look gorgeous. Sounds as tho you started the new year right!

The Adventures of Annie's Ri said...

Jamie, I love your dress! It's beautiful! You wore it well, my dear! :)


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