Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Best Day Ever

(or, Our Day with Grammy)

Ben: Just like the title says, it was our Best... Day... E---ver [Editor's note - pretend you're singing the Spongebob song here] and I promise you it was really fun.

Ben: We played Lego Indiana Jones 2. Gramma got it for Sam at Christmas- time.

Mom: Why do you have your shirt on backwards in this picture?

Ben: I don't know, I really like to.

Sam: Ok, I really like that Monster Game - you know, like knock down buildings? I wasn't doing very good, though... probably because Dad wasn't playing and we haven't played it in forever. The game I am talking about is at the Nickelcade and that's the place our best day ever was in, just so you know.

Ben: Once I found the Big Bass Wheel, I loved it. I did it as many times as I could until it was time to go. Sasha loved the Nickelcade. She just wanted to put the nickels in and ride the rides.

Sam: Now when we're saying the Best Day Ever, go ahead and put an "s" at the end of Day - that's right, I went sledding! Ben chose to go shopping with Dad instead of going sledding with Grammy. Me, I chose sledding. I was awesome.

Ben: The Mystical Garden. It is awesome. You should have seen it grow. It had about four stages. It kept on growing and growing and growing until it finally reached its final stage. It was really awesome to watch. It took 10 hours. I watched it close to the whole time. It was awesome. Almost the best thing of my life. Seriously, I'm not lying. I got it from Sam at Christmas. I must say it was my favorite Christmas gift of all.

Sam: If you've heard of our Wiggly Bridge, there's been a major overdose [Editor's note - I think he may mean "overhaul" here, but to be honest I'm not sure. Judging by the amount of screaming in the basement, maybe it was an overdose]. Now we call it Wiggly Intruder Bridge. If we don't go across the bridge and go to the table where Grammy's sitting, she grabs us and throws us on the bed. And usually we catch her and bring her to the ground! Timber!

Sam: Most of you probably don't have any idea what Wiggly Bridge is. It's where we identify who our guy is by symbols or just saying and then go across the bridge. The bridge is Grammy's leg, and it's also very wiggly. However, if it's a bad guy we identify ourselves as, she drops us on the ground. Here's an example: Let's say we say we're a troll and we start walking across and then she drops us on the ground!

Ben: I loved having Grammy and Buddy in town! When Buddy left I got pretty sad but I could still handle it. Grammy's the fun person to play Wiggly Bridge with.


MissM said...

Aw, your poor Dad - just not as "awesome" as your Mom!

That must have been some Mystical Garden! It's nice to remember the simple pleasures of being six.

Smith Fam said...

That is a fantastic post! Thanks Sam and Ben for telling us all about it.

And thanks Jamie for transcribing...and providing commentary :)


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