Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dinner Quotes

You know you shared a meaningful family dinner when you emerge from the meal with not one but two blogworthy quotes.
Ben: I'm ripping off all the green bean heads - yah!
Steve: Sasha, the fish does not go in the kazoo. Ok, that's it, no more kazoo at the table when you're eating.
Never a dull moment


The Adventures of Annie's Ri said...

LOL! Ben's comment made my night :) You guys are amazing....thanks for the smiles and laughs these past few years :)
~Miss Cori

The Fox Den said...

:) What a riot!

Smith Fam said...

Wait a minute. I thought the only Mostar rule at the dinner table was "no feet on the table". Are you telling me that you've now added kazoos to the list of contraband? This seems a little extreme.

How 'bout only kazoos during dessert?

Jstar said...

I know... we've become so stringent in our old age. We actually have an additional rule of "no bottoms on the table" (which is astoundingly difficult to enforce, but I believe worth the effort). Rules, rules, and more rules!


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