Sunday, January 31, 2010

Elmo Ewww

A Chorney-vs-Elmo battle has been raging in our home and Chorney finally got the last laugh (which is saying something, since that Elmo doll laughs a lot). Sasha inspects the damage - all she could say was, "Elmo ewww"

This is the face we got when we suggested it was time to throw Elmo in the trash

I think this may be the creepiest shot of them all...

We were attempting to recreate actual events and Sasha kept trying to feed Elmo to Chorney which, when I really think about it, probably is the truest recreation of the actual events leading to Elmo's demise

Of course, as soon as Chorney took the bait it was time for Sasha to shriek, "Chorney, No!" and pry Elmo out of a very confused Chorney's mouth.

I'm fairly sure that Chorney is plotting her next assault in this picture

And when I downloaded the photos from the camera's SD card, I found this rather suspicious shot. I, for one, think that the poor dog was framed. She's the patsy, the real mastermind lurks behind the camera's shutter.

What really happened to poor Elmo? The world may never know.


Lou Ann said...

Sasha's throw Elmo away face is priceless. I'm afraid she may be taking that on her honeymoon!!!

The Fox Den said...

At least there are more Elmo's in this world. Well at least fortunate for your cute girl, not for us parents :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes, there are many more Elmos in the world and Gramma knows just where to find them!:)

Susan said...

awww Poor elmo!!!!! elmo is huge around here. :)
Miles (our dog) doesn't like him, Miles only likes food.


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