Saturday, January 16, 2010

This Week's Casualties

I know, I know, I shouldn't complain - they've survived (or they almost survived) several years of wear by two very active boys. But two pairs of pants in one week?!? I don't think that Ben's constant movement - rolling, flipping, dancing, climbing, and assorted acrobatics - helps with the longevity of his pants.

This second pair met its end at the mall... but the pants were really just victims of circumstance since Ben forgot his shoes (no, I don't know how you get into the car in January and realize halfway to the mall that you aren't wearing shoes), so he ended up walking on his pants cuffs through the mall in a delightful hippie-hooligan fashion. By the end of our Chick-fil-a and romp in the mall playground, the pants were toast.

And I wonder why I'm tempted to end every post with, "Never a dull moment..." Maybe a blog tagline change is in order.

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Pat and Alli said...

My daughter gets bags full of hand me downs from our neighbor's daughter. All in great shape. My son is always upset because he never gets any clothes from the same neighbors son. This is why! LOL. Boys pant just don't have a chance.


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