Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mischief and Mischief

When the child gets an idea into her head, she is nigh-unstoppable. Even if the idea isn't a particularly good (or safe or hygienic) one. Even if she has to muster all of her strength and monkey-climbing instincts to accomplish her goal singlehandedly. I think she gets it from her brothers.

Like today, when I was brushing my teeth and heard her in the room saying, "Mommy, seat! Mommy, seat!" and came back in to find her proudly perched upon the top of my dresser, having climbed up the drawers to claim her "seat".

Or Saturday morning, when I came downstairs and found that she had successfully arranged and started two simultaneous DVD viewing experiences to enjoy from the comfort of a single seat. As if one Elmo's World at a time could ever be enough!

Or again Saturday when I finished washing Sam's hair and turned around to find her meticulously brushing Chorney's teeth with Ben's toothbrush. Not just sticking it in the dog's mouth, oh no, we're talking pulling the gums out of the way to brush the individual teeth.

And the best part of that whole episode is the nagging question - how many times has she done this without our knowledge?!?

Maybe it's time for new toothbrushes all around.


Hewitts4Him said...

It looks like doggy actually liked it....is Sasha available to brush my dogs teeth too? He does have his own toothbrush however.

Lou Ann said...

Yup - I'm thinking a trip to the store is in order!

Christel, Jerry, Alex and Anthony said...

hahaha!!! i was just looking at this post when Alex came up... saw Sasha with the dog asked what she was doing... when i told him... he says, "I want to go to their house someday!" Hahahahaha!!! oh dear! heeheehee


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