Monday, February 15, 2010

Raised by Wolves

Jeezy petes, you'd think that the girl was raised by wolves! Or monkeys! Or some strange monkey-wolf hybrid.

Truly, I think that having 2 older brothers is only one step away from a feral upbringing. And, yes, she can climb up to the treehouse by herself now. At least she looks super-cute while doing it, and the tights miraculously emerged unscathed!


Lou Ann said...

But Mom....look how proud she is of herself! And you've gotta love a girl who can drink a whole gallon of milk and only spill a drop!

Brian said...

One of my favorite parts of my 'get to work' morning routine, is reading what you guys have posted about your lives. This one was great and the milk pic just caps it off.


Shelley said...

The photo of her with the gallon milk jug is classic. Also the photo of her climbing the tree in her croc boots is very funny.

MissM said...

The kids are playing in the yard without coats and there is no snow in sight - is it already spring in the valley??


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