Monday, December 24, 2007

Let it snow!

It's definitely winter in Utah! We have actually had a rather slow start to the ski year. Steve and Sam made it up to Brighton before we left for Disney, but there were just a few runs open (and Sam did *awesome*) and we're only just getting enough snow now to make skiing really fun.

Sam has early-out days on Mondays, so Steve is planning to take him up to Sundance on Monday afternoons to play around. Sam's skiing is really improving, and he's now able to go down the blues without a problem. We bought him his own skis and boots this year, so hopefully he won't wear them out and Ben will be able to use them in a few seasons. Sam can't get enough of the slopes - I think he'd go up every day if Mom and Dad had the time and energy.

Steve and I hit Alta last week and had a lovely ski day, although conditions will be a lot better all around after this week's set of storms. Oh, and Steve's instructing up at Sundance again this year and enjoying it just as much as last year. I'll see if I can snap a photo of him in his uniform, looking all professional :) Let it snow!

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