Sunday, December 16, 2007

Ben is a crack-up

Ben, if you didn't know, is basically the silliest kid on the face of the earth. He has two new retorts when we say something crazy (which is a fairly regular occurrence):
"What are you, cuckoo banana salad or something?"
and "What are you, full of loon juice?"

The loon juice one originally came home with Sam from school, apparently it's something that his teacher says a lot, but Ben has taken the phrase to new levels.

And my personal favorite is Ben's new statement of frustration, used in cases such as a video game not going his way and being denied his 14th cup of chocolate milk for the day: "tartar sauce". I'm pretty sure it came from SpongeBob and it's *hilarious* to hear him curse, "tartar sauce" under his breath.

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MissM said...

Hey, I was wondering when you all would switch to a blog. I was actually thinking about starting a blog for my stories about school, so I figured you would be thinking about it as well since I am usually the LAST person to adopt a new technology.
Who could have possibly given Ben his silly streak??
See you soon! Merry Christmas!


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