Friday, January 16, 2009

Skiing with the Grandmas

T-minus two days!!!

The grandmothers arrived on Monday and I'm so glad that they're getting a chance to enjoy Utah's finest before taking on sole responsibility for our boys for like 5 weeks! They are brave souls indeed!

On Wednesday they went up to Sundance for the twilight ski (it starts at 2:30) and they shut the place down - apparently Sam just couldn't get enough! He's such a great little skier, and he really enjoyed showing Grammy and Gramma his favorite spots on the mountain. I'm just glad that they can still keep up with him... for now. I think that in a few more years, we'll all be racing to keep up!


Devon said...

Hi! I've been reading your blog for awhile and am so excited you're about to leave for Kazakhstan. My husband and I have been assigned a region and are just waiting for our LOI. It will be fun to "travel" along with you via the internet. Just want to wish you safe travels and a blessed journey!

aultfamily said...

New to reading your blog... Congrats on your upcoming departure date - how exciting!

My husband and I are Kaz PAPs with 2 bio daughters. We too will be having the Grandmas watch them as we travel. We're still a ways off from that point yet so it will be great to follow you on your adventure!


Jason said...

I went to my very first Sundance movie last night (of course, only a movie with Jimmy Page in it could prompt this action) and I was almost positive the lady in line ahead of us was your mom.

There was a resemblance and she even sounded like you. Go figure.

Jstar said...

Jason, I'm so jealous! We're missing Sundance this year, and though it's a small price to pay, I'm still a little sad to not catch a screening this year.


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