Thursday, January 8, 2009

Commuting on the Bus - Day 1

Hmmm... it's a nice idea, but I will confess that I am not yet quite sold on commuting on the bus. Today was my first day and I will say that it was a wholly pleasant experience - the drivers were nice and I made all of the connections I was planning to make. I didn't get too carsick (bussick?) and I made it in to the office by 9. The downside? I spent 3 1/2 hours on the bus.

Now, I did find a better route home that if I can leave the office by 4:30 will get me home by 6, so I'm going to try that one out tomorrow as long as I can make it out by 4:30 (didn't happen today - I took the faster route, but didn't catch the bus until 5:10, so I wasn't home until 7). And I found a way to work that will only take two buses instead of two buses and Trax, so I'm going to try that one tomorrow morning. I had no idea how much of a science finding a bus route was!

I'm definitely willing to try this a few more times... hopefully I can find a way to keep the commute under 3 hours. Otherwise, I'll just be a planet killing commuter! I'll keep you posted.


Butch and Tracy said...

I applaude you for taking public transportation! Hope you find a way to spend less time on the buss too. I can only imagine that long ride.

Thanks for the prayers and support with all that is going on with Asher getting his US approval.


sandyamstar said...

Silly Buses! I keep trying to take the yellow ones here but they won't stop for me! Don't understand it...I need to go to school and they go to the schools, what's the problem!?

Good luck with your route planning! Maybe there will be less snow when you get home again to make the commute easier! :)


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