Monday, January 19, 2009

Kaz Day 1 - Arrival and Departure Again!

We're here! We arrived in Almaty, Kazakhstan at 2 am and we're just about to leave for a couple of meetings with our agency and then we fly out to our region! Sorry that this post will be quick, our driver, Dim, is scheduled to arrive two minutes ago so I'll probably have to log off quickly.

The flights were fine - 24 hours of flying is never a pleasant experience, but the flights were smooth and on time, our luggage arrived in good order, we passed immigration without a hitch, and we even managed to grab a couple of hours' sleep!

We're not feeling too jetlagged, thanks to Steve's patented "starve for the 12 hours before morning and then eat a big breakfast to reset your clock" and it seems to have worked! I'm sure we'll be dragging tonight, but we'll take another snooze on the plane and try to let you know when we arrive in our apartment!

Today's prayer request: Continued health, and that we would be prepared to meet Sestra tomorrow and that she'll be ready to meet us!


Laura said...

Can't wait to hear about your first meeting!! Get to know the translators, they are incredible people. Oh, and Oxana just had a birthday on the 18th.

Melanie said...

So glad to hear you made it safely! You've been on my mind and in my heart, and we'll just keep on praying for everything to continue to go smoothly. I know God is holding *all* of you carefully in the palm of His hand :-)

Jennifer said...

Wow! So exciting! I hope you made it to your region safely. Very interesting philosophy on avoiding jet lag. We'll have to try it next time around.

Can't wait to hear more!!!!

aultfamily said...

Congrats on being 'almost there'! Wow, 24 hours of travel and still doing well. -That's a big accomplishment in itself. :) Good luck!


shannon said...

Jamie & Steve,
so great to read you arrived safely. Hurray!



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