Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Commuting on the Bus - Day 5

T-minus four days!

The bus is getting better... I found a route that is more walking but less waiting, and so I leave the house at 7 and stroll up to work at 8:45 (well, it's really more like huffing into work because most of my mile walk is uphill). I could get a faster route, but that would mean leaving the house before 7 and I'm just not sure I can handle that thought. Mornings and I have a tenuous relationship.

And coming home I leave the office at 4:30 and roll into the driveway a little after 6. Not bad. I'll probably keep trying to find faster routes, but this is livable.

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Butch and Tracy said...

4 days... I guess 3 now right. WOW. I am SO excited for you. You will hold your baby in your arms so soon. Thanks for all of the wonderful support.

(I washed some of his clothes)



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