Friday, January 23, 2009

Day 3 - Oh, You Again?*

*This post was updated with photos and additional info after adoption

As we came in for our second day of visits, we were greeted with a puzzled, "Oh, you again?" look from Sasha. I'm sure looking forward to the day she comes running to us slow-mo through a field of wildflowers with her arms spread wide shouting, "Mommy, I'm so glad to see you!" but I'll be content to wait on that one :)

We had a really nice day with our little girl - these visits are just fantastic. We have discovered that Sasha/Sash/Shura (all nicknames for Alexandra) is rather ticklish (sounds like a certain Ben I know...) and loves being swooped up and hugged and tickled until she is in hysterics. Yeah, it's as amazingly fun as it sounds to see our cautious, observant little girl come out of her shell with shrieks of laughter from Daddy's tickle attacks.

Our second day of visits also brought us a new game - yesterday was learning to roll the ball to each other, today was the hug game! We figure that we want to encourage as much physical contact as possible, so we made a game of Sasha walking to Mommy and getting a big squeeze and then walking to Daddy and getting another big squeeze and then back to Mommy again... well, you get the idea. It was so fun to see her come to us for a hug and we'll take all the baby hugs we can get!

Our other really special time together came at the end of our second visit. It seemed like a tough day in room 8, there was lots of crying and general unhappiness and I'm sure it's stressful for everybody when days turn out that way (and you know how all it takes is one kiddo to start crying and that sets them all off... those caregivers are saints with far more patience than I have!). For the last 10 or 15 minutes, Sasha was content to just stay in Daddy's arms and be babied as he bounced her softly and walked around the room. It was just sweet, contented, snuggle time and it did all of our hearts so good.

We're loving these long, slow days just getting to know our little girl.

Prayer requests: Steve and I have both developed little throat tickles and cough-lets. We're fine right now, but we'd sure appreciate your prayers for our continued health and good, restful sleep.

We Skyped with the boys and Grandmothers in the evening and it was so good to see them all and say hi. Please continue to pray with us that the boys feel connected to this process and that God is weaving all 5 of us together even as we're thousands of miles apart.


Laura said...

I finished reading your post and realized I was sighing contentedly. I love watching another family gettin' bigger. Keep the posts coming!

What room are you guys in? #5? That ridiculously small room, more like a hallway, looks very familiar.

You're all in our prayers.

Tracy said...

I am praying for you all... and so glad you are enjoying your beautiful baby girl.


Jennifer said...

Wow you guys! It sounds amazing. That little hand is so adorable with all her cute little pudgy spots and dimple spots.

Your whole post just makes me smile a big smile both inside and out. I'll keep health and family connectedness in my prayers for you guys.

We were able to find Halls cough drops in the grocery store in our city. Perhaps there will be some in yours. They definitely helped with our "first week throat fuzzies" too. (I chalked it up to airplane germs and lack of sleep.)

Lovin' your posts!

Joby and Marla said...

Thanks for the sneak peaks:)

I can't wait for the real thing!!!!

Anyday now she will run to meet you with a big grin on her face & your heart will just melt.

The Gobble's (Lanetta) said...

oh.. how precious... we are praying and so excited to hear all about your visits with you precious baby girl!!! Tickles, hugs... who could ask for more..
we are praying for you and the boys!!!

Mak said...


Anna (at work) gave me a link to your blog. I'm so excited for you and thank you for sharing this with the blogworld.

We are definately praying for you guys (and Sestra) over here in the Philips family!

Melissa (Philips- from

Lori @ Five of My Own said...

Pat The Bunny was our "break thru" toy. 3 visits is awesome. Looks like you are all having fun. An active little girl will fit nicely with brothers.

FYI the whole time we were in Almaty we had this cough/throat thing going on -all of us. I am convinced it was enviromental. It was gone within a day of arriving home. Hope you feel better.

Al and Lyndsie said...

Wow! Amazingly special. I'm so glad I was able to re-find you guys in time to see this journey. Your blogs have brought tears to my eyes and warm feelings in my heart. You guys are so wonderfully unique, just like you always have been! All I can say is Awesome!

Karen said...

Wonderful post—sounds like your visits are going well. Yes, I'll pray that you stay healthy and well. You need your stamina. Enjoy your time bonding with your baby girl, she looks like a real cutie.


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