Monday, September 8, 2008

Steve's New Baby

Move over Jamie, there's a new love in town! Steve's been saving his nickels, dimes, and quarters (lots of nickels, dimes, and quarters) and has procured the ultimate male status symbol (or so I'm told) - the ginormous TV.

Now, if you know us well you probably realize that this is a rather interesting purchase. Does Steve watch sports? No. Do we have cable? No. Do we even have an antenna or any way of getting a television signal into our home?!? No. But we do have all the internet streaming TV that Move Networks can offer (go Move!) and a deep love for video games. And that's enough for Steve.

"Tell us more!" you beg, "Give us all of the stats and inputs and outputs and numbers associated with that incredible feat of engineering!" Here's the entirety of my knowledge: my rival is a 50-inch plasma TV that is now mounted to our family room wall. She has arrived in time for Rock Band 2, coming out this weekend. And Daniel Craig looked pretty freaking incredible tonight as she displayed her inaugural movie, Casino Royale. Hey, if I have to vie for Steve's attention with "xenon and neon gas... contained in hundreds of thousands of tiny cells positioned between two plates of glass", at least I can enjoy the view ;)


Tracy said...

You go Jamie... that is the attitude to have. Wow steve... that thing it Huge!!! Just gave me an idea for my husbands birthday. HMMMMM... where would we put it???

Enjoy the games on the new TV. Ever tried WOW online? You would both get hooked.


The Fox Den said...

Nate is saving also and I'm in dread. At the moment I'm grateful he does not stroll through blogs very often so let's try and keep it on the down low at church. :)

Reuben Morningstar said...

Unlike Steve I have saved money from years of working so do I leave it to my son or buy stuff -- dud buy stuff and I do watch TV I have comcast love football and my birthday is in Oct. But the LCD look like they have a better picture. Are you reading this Sharon ( the wife of 41 year). Only question how big 72 inch sounds like a winner! No how big is the wall? Wish me luck!

Steve Amstar said...

Dad, I have to agree that in many situations the LCD screen wins for clarity and brightness in a well lit room. However, most LCDs cannot compare in terms of contrast ratio and color depth that the Plasma can deliver. Yes, I know that we will have to remain forever diligent in preventing screen burn in, but judging by the way that our family uses the TV, (offset viewing, lights off) I think that plasma fits our needs better.

And Mom, I think he's looking for this

Unknown said...

Stomp humping the laser.

Amy said...

You gotta live the big TV's. I must admit I am the junkie at out house, and have even gone so far as buying a fairly big one for our bedroom as well. It does make Guitar Hero much more fun. Haven't played Rock Band yet and Mat would probably prefer I didn't buy any more games that I can go nuts about.


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