Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Salute to Grandparents

Happy Grandparents Day!

We didn't technically get cards or gifts or flowers delivered to our set of Grands (our intentions were so good... but somehow last week got really short) so thank goodness for the blog!

We are truly blessed with an astounding set of grandparents, all healthy and active and enjoying life and all the grandchildren it offers. Ok, I guess that mostly healthy is a bit more accurate - Gramma just got word a few weeks ago that her CA 125 (a blood marker for ovarian cancer) is higher than her doctors want it to be, but the CT scan came back clear so she's back on chemo again for a few treatments until the marker comes back down. But Gramma continually astounds us with her easygoing and fantastically positive attitude towards that stage 4 ovarian cancer that she's been fighting for the last 2 years - except for the baldness, you'd never know that anything was wrong from her activity and outlook. Go Gramma!

And Poppop continues to take care of Gramma while also keeping the grounds of the local golf course looking fantastic, growing more corn and tomatoes than any family could ever eat, and gearing up for another year of ski instructing at Ski Liberty.

And things are going similarly well on my side of the family. My grandfather, Poppoppop is still enjoying living at Virginia Beach, especially flying kites on the beach. If you're wondering about his name, we figured that when Sam was born, Poppop could be promoted with one more "pop", sort of like a "great" before "grandfather". Poppopop is gearing up for his 80th birthday this winter - wowzas!

Buddy is our last full-time employed grandparent, still working for the Carroll County Public Library system as the Assistant Administrator. Grammy keeps busy working at the local libraries at the Information Desk and doing Storytimes. Both of them keep threatening to retire soon and move out to Utah, and the current estimated season of move is Fall 2009. I have to admit that after living 2,000 miles from any parental unit for most of a decade, I think that having parents live close again sounds really nice.

We are astoundingly blessed to have parents who truly love God, love each other, and love their children and grandchildren with selflessness and devotion. And we are so grateful that our boys are able to enjoy a relationship with their wonderful Great Grandfather - that's a privilege that so few folks enjoy.

Happy Grandparents Day to each of you, and we sure hope to bring home a new grandbaby for you to dote on soon :)


Joby and Marla said...

This was such a sweet post!!!

All of my grandparents have passed on but I still have the memories of them especially from my childhood. I want my children to have the same great memories with their grandparents.

Grandparents rock!!!!

Marcia said...

Thanks - this posting is MUCH better than a card! I must say, I have some awesome grandsons. Can't wait for an expansion!


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