Saturday, September 27, 2008

Halfway through the MFA (?)

Today, September 27th, marks our one-month anniversary in the MFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) in Kazakhstan. A "normal schedule" (if there is such a thing) would have our dossier spending 2 months in the MFA before we're eligible for assignment to a specific region, so we're halfway there!

Knowing that we have at least another month until our next update is tough, but as always we're keeping busy. Steve caught up on his vaccinations last week, so we are basically impervious to all diseases right now, and our current project is choosing an International Adoption doctor to look over our little girl's medical info before she becomes ours, to help us understand her history and unique needs. Yes, we have a long time before we'll have any info for a doctor to look over, but it will be nice to have a doctor chosen before things get really hectic. Besides, it gives me the comforting illusion that I'm doing something :)

Oh, and we just got our new passports in the mail! Our old ones didn't expire until June, but Steve figured that we should go ahead and renew them now since sometimes they don't like to issue visas if your passport is going to expire within six months of travel. The new passports are really cool looking! And I was feeling sad that I hadn't shipped anything off to be apostilled in months, so it's nice to get to give the Lt. Governor's office some more money for attaching a pretty gold seal to our notarized copies of this round of passports.

That's it for the latest non-news on the Morningstar adoption. Next month we combine the boys' rooms and start decorating Sestra's, so that'll be exciting!

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Tracy said...

So cool... I am so excited that we are getting much closer to our children. We have decided on IAC at Children's in Cincinatti. We have talked with a few others who have used them and the price is resonable too!
Our girls started sharing a room and now our oldest is back in the room that will become the baby's. We told her she does not have much time left in there. I hope your boys do ok sharing.... our girls drive each other crazy. But, they said they would deal with it once we have a little one home! Thank Goodness... not like they have any other choice.

Here's to one step closer... cheers...


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