Friday, September 12, 2008

A Grand Visit

We had a great visit from Grammy and Buddy this week - filled with lots of board games and games of Old Maid (Ben is an Old Maid maniac!), hours and hours of Lego Star Wars and Lego Indiana Jones with Grammy on the new TV, and the hilarity of tormenting Buddy with plastic bug finger puppets. It was quite the week and a half!

The boys loved having their grandparents in town, of course. Tonight as I put Ben to bed, he looked at me with mopey eyes and we shared this conversation:
Mommy: What's wrong, Ben?
Ben: I just miss someone
Mommy: Who do you miss?
Ben: Grammy.
Mommy: Yeah, it was great having her and Buddy in town
Ben. Yeah, she's the only one who plays tag with me
Mommy: Oh, well, I'll play tag with you tomorrow
Ben: Well, I like playing tag with Grammy because she's the only one who's really slow. Because, you know, she could get like an injury for old people.
Mommy: Ah
Ben: Yeah, and plus an adult's heart beats like one time a second, but a kid's heart beats like three times a second!
Mommy: Oh, and that makes Grammy slow at tag?
Ben: Well, you see, I remembered. She's slow because old people don't have all of the energy. Because the energy comes from the heart beating. So me and Sam and all of the kids have lots of energy because our heart is beating three times a second. But all of the adults don't have so much energy because their hearts only beat one time a second!
Impeccable logic and an interesting commentary on aging, courtesy of my five year old.

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The Gobble's (Lanetta) said...

that is great.... made me LOL!!!
those boys are hilarous!!!


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