Wednesday, July 23, 2008

T-ball Season Endeth

It is with mixed feelings that I announce that t-ball season is over. I'll admit that it will be good to have our Saturdays back (not that a 45 minute game can really be credited with dominating a Saturday...) but we really did have a great season and I'm sorry that it's over.

One of the dads on the team got trophies engraved with the kids names (so cool!) which have, of course, quickly been elevated to the status of "treasured possession". They have cause some confusion, however - last night we had some friends over for dinner and when Ben proudly showed off his engraved, holographic trophy our friends naturally asked if it was because his team won. This got a puzzled look from Ben, who replied, "Well, I think in t-ball, everybody wins."

I'm just glad our boys still enjoy games where everybody's a winner!

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