Monday, July 14, 2008

Liberty Land

A brand new "adventure park" opened up recently near our home.  It goes by the patriotically inspired moniker Liberty Land.  It’s kind of hard to miss traveling down the interstate since one of its major features is the replica of Mount Rushmore, right along I-15, with a roller coaster running around it.  Seeing the four presidential heads being reproduced in plaster along the freeway was enough to make me want to go.  Besides, I’m a sucker for a mini golf course.

So I know that most places have some minor glitches when opening, but this place seemed to have everything going wrong.  We tried to visit on the day that they were supposed to open only to be turned away and told to call their phone number later and see if they would be open.  Only about half of their rides seemed to be working when we were there.  They went on the roller coaster, the Merry-Go-Round, the go-carts, the bumper boats, and the springy droppy ride.  Ben was a little short for some of the rides.  The teenager at one of them just looked and said “meh, close enough.”  So even though Ben was a foot and a half shorter than the height requirement, he was able to pilot bumper boats and drive go-carts, both of which he loved.

Overall, Liberty Land delivered on everything you would expect from a patriotic-themed little kids' theme park... the majesty of Lady Liberty gazing out over the bumper boats, the stately gaze of our founding fathers watching the roller coaster come through Mount Rushmore, the very odd mini golf course including a multitude of national landmarks and symbols.  Yeah, it was that weird.  Oh well, we had to try it once!


Jason Russell said...

Maybe we'll have to check it out sometime.

Amylawinda said...

Looks like fun.


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