Thursday, July 17, 2008

Our First Decade

Today is a very important day - it is the last day of our first decade of marriage!

Ten years ago, I had just finished my Freshman year of college and Steve had completed his Sophomore year, I was 19 and he was 20, we had been dating for 2 1/2 years. By the grace of God, the council of a very wise pastor, and the blessing of four very adventurous parents we were on the verge of becoming that three-stranded cord serving our God as husband and wife.

Ten years ago tomorrow a slightly sunburned and ecstatic Jamie (too much mini golf in the afternoon) walked hand in hand with her parents down the back meadow of Grace Fellowship Chapel, processing to Storybook Love and wearing a pair of brand new Birkenstocks purchased especially for the occasion :) And Steve (wearing new Birks, too, of course) took my hand and pledged his love and at sunset in the company of God, our families, and 300 of our closest friends we were wed.

And then we went inside, had Chick-Fil-A and ice cream cake and the rest is history!


Melanie said...

Happy Anniversary! Wow, 10 years :-) I also seem to recall some very creative friends (myself excluded, of course) putting your car up on blocks at the end of the Chick-Fil-A and cake ;-) It was a beautiful day, and I'm so glad I was there to celebrate it with you. You guys are an amazing, Christ-centered couple, and you are an inspiration. Love you both!


Jill (& Bob) said...

Happy anniversary! I must say, I'm entertained that you wore Birks -- I put some on just after our ceremony and, well, I always said I wanted Chick-fil-A nugget trays for my wedding reception (even if it didn't happen)!

Jason Russell said...

Chick-Fil-A. Of course!

Scott Reinhart said...

Ah, yes, the car on blocks.... Yes, you two are most fortunate to have each other. We are so pleased that life has worked out so well for you.

Amylawinda said...

That is an awesome milestone. Here's to the next 10 years!!

sandyamstar said...

Yum...the ice cream cake! I enjoyed the left-overs too. :) We should have shipped a Hoffman's cake to you for your garden party... ice cream soup!

mary said...

Ahh. This made me teary. You two are a wonderful couple. Peter and I celebrate our 10th in 2 weeks and I'm feeling all mushy-gushy reminiscing myself.


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