Sunday, July 6, 2008

An Adventurous Birthday Party

Dum da dum daaaaa, dum da da - The Indiana Jones birthday party was a fabulous success! I'm not sure how I'm going to finish this blog posting without a thousand photos of our little adventurers, but I'll try to restrain myself.

As usual, Daddy outdid himself with the activities, and I have to say that Mommy and Gramma did pretty well in the cake and decoration department. There were no wussy pin-the-tail-on-anything games - no way! There was swinging across the snake pit (as Ben demonstrates in the photo), crossing the balancing tomb entrance (a see saw to walk over balanced on propane tanks, which I think added a little extra atmosphere to the event), the bug-littered bridge balance beam, and crawling through the smelly swamp (a net to crawl under). It was fabulous! Oh, and we also had treasure digging in the sandy desert (treasure hidden in the sand box) which was more popular than I had anticipated, much to the delight of all. I guess that digging up gold coins is attractive at any age :)

And for the finale - a treasure hunt! The boys traipsed all over the house and yard collecting clues and pieces of the treasure map and, as usual, X marked the spot - a treasure buried in the veggie garden! It took them a considerable amount of time to to unearth the treasure, but eventually a candy-filled pinata was discovered! A few dozen whacks and the booty was available to all with all of the boys' favorites - gum coins, candy necklaces, and Tootsie Rolls of every permutation. It was a wonderland.

And how could any Indiana Jones party be complete without a snake cake?!? What our cakes lack in professionalism they usually make up for in creativity, and this year's cake was no exception. We did have a little problem keeping the candles lit on a breezy summer day, but the sparkler stayed lit without a problem and it was admittedly fun watching Ben try to blow it out.

Because I can't resist, here are a few more photos from Ben's fantastic 5th birthday party!

Ben crossing the bug-infested bridge (secret tomb entrance behind him)

The boys get their treasure hunt instructions and first clue from Indy

The mighty Sam takes a whack at the treasure chest (with the swamp to crawl through on the right side of the photo)

Happy Birthday Ben!


Marcia said...

The junior Indianas have great hats, glad you posted the extra pictures, I was wondering how they looked. Steve has the part down, is Ben ever going to get the whip back?

Joby & Marla said...

Looks like a lot of fun!!!!


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