Friday, July 11, 2008

Adoption ABC's

We don't have a big adoption update this week - our dossier is still in the NY Consulate, which usually takes about 2 weeks. Today marks the end of our second week at the Consulate, but World Partners says that sometimes they don't get official notification that a dossier has moved from the Consulate to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kazakhstan until a few days after it's arrived in Kaz, so it's possible that we won't know more for a few more days. We'll keep you posted :)

In celebration of our dossier (almost) moving to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, I thought I'd ask for your help brainstorming our Adoption ABC's. I was going to make a picture book for us to take to Kaz that includes photos of our home and family, and I thought that doing an ABC book might be a fun way to do it! (yes, we'll also bring smaller albums to leave with the judge, baby house, etc). Can you help us think of great photos for each letter?

Here are the options we have so far (admittedly, some are lame, that's why it's a brainstorm):
A - Arches, apple tree
B - brothers, Ben, back yard, bedroom
C - camping, church, cooking, car
D - Daddy, dog, dinner, dining room
E - excited, eating
F - family, friends, flowers, fun
G - grandparents, games, garden, grass
H - house, home
I - ice cream, inside
J - joke
K - kitchen
L - laughter, little
M - Mommy, mountains, meals
N - Nesbitt, neighborhood
O - outside
P - pool, parties, pals
Q - quiet
R - room, Rainy
S - snow, skiing, silly
T - tub, tubing, trees, Timpanogos
U - U.S.A., Utah
V - view, valley, vacations
W - weather, water, Wasatch
Y - yard
Z - zoo

Leave a comment with your ideas!


Jstar said...

Dad has already suggested B for Buddy, which is clearly more important than "Ben" or "brothers"

Butch & Tracy said...

Two weeks in consolate.. wow... that would be fast! Very cool though. I will keep my fingers crossed that we both move that fast!

Joby & Marla said...

Our dossier was in NY for 7 weeks before going to Kaz. I think it is hard to go by expected time frames since everything seems to be running longer.

Chris and Heather said...

I love your idea! If you don't mind me stealing it, maybe we will try something similar. X is a tough letter. There are many animals that begin with X, is there a zoo near you?

And, yeah, as others have said - we were at the Consulate for 10 week. I hope you move through quicker, though.

Reuben Morningstar said...

x ray come to mind. If you use buddy then think pop-pop well maybe not.

g for golf as in Daddy and Pop-pop are golfing again.

Jstar said...

Thanks for the advice and suggestions so far! I guess we'll just have to wait and see how long the Consulate step of our process takes.

Golf would be a fun one for G, especially since we tend to go mini golfing so often! X is still hard... we may have to cop out with something like "eXciting"

Angela said...

Do you have a Xeratheumum in your yard? A xylophone in your house? How about Y = you and your new family?

We did not know our dossier moved on to the MFA until it was almost out of the MFA . . . a dark stressful time, I have to say. I think we were only in the Consulate for a few weeks back in February. What I have learned - You never can tell!!

Jstar said...

I love the "your family" idea for Y - that's great! Now you guys have challenged me to do better with X - maybe xenophiles :)

It sounds like folks have had really different experiences in the Consulate and MFA, it'll be interesting to see what our experience is!

sandyamstar said...

Can I humbly suggest cousins Xave & Abby for X???? Also, what about two words for S...Sam skiing??

Jstar said...

Skiing Sam - that's a good one! And good thinking on Xave and Abby


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