Monday, July 28, 2008

Russian Lessons Continue

I guess that this shouldn't be a surprise to me, but it feels like everything in my life right now revolves around the Russian language. That's probably because most things actually do. We don't have any firm updates on our adoption paperwork right now - apparently somebody from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is on vacation through the beginning of August so we're unlikely to hear any updates until next week. So for now we wait patiently and hope that we'll get an update soon.

We did get a cool email last week from World Partners, though - copies of several pages of our dossier translated into Russian! I asked if we could have a couple of translated pages to put in our daughter's baby book and I have to admit that they're lots of fun to have. Since most of our postings lately have revolved around our anniversary, here's an excerpt of our marriage license in Russian - cool, eh? Seeing those pages and pages of apostille and homestudy and letters and certificates all translated helps me appreciate the effort that went into those 11 weeks of translation!

Ben continues to amaze me with his Russian. He knows all of his Russian phonograms (here's a picture of him with his self- appointed "favorite" phonogram. It makes an "f" sound) and he can sound out basically any word in Russian. And he has learned his numbers 1-100, although we're still working on recalling some of the trickier numbers quickly. Ben says that the coolest Russian number is 100 - it sounds like "stohl".

And even though I can't match Ben with Russian phonogram skills, I have been getting some practice writing those crazy letters as I label the gifts that we're bringing. I know, I know, we're still months and months from leaving, but little projects like this keep me sane and make me feel like the process is moving forward. A few weeks ago Bath and Body Works was having a humongo sale, so I purchased a dozen sets of body wash and bubble bath and lotion and then Teacher Ben wrote down the names of the products and I copied them onto labels for each bottle! We figure that all of those products tend to look pretty similar if you can't read the English labels, so a quick Russian translation would be helpful for the wonderful women who are currently taking care of our little girl!

And now all of those bottles are neatly labeled and sealed in Ziplocs, ready to be packed away in, oh, probably six months when we actually travel. Sigh. Well, at least I am enjoying the illusion of preparedness :)


Tracy said...

You are amazing me!!! I hope we go to Kaz at the same time so you can translate for me!!! I started trying to learn some russian, but quickly realized it was going to take me way to long. I guess I should learn some basics.

I love the idea of getting copies of th translated documents. Maybe I will try to get a few also.

So are you all still in NY? I guess we are sitting there together!

Take care,

sandyamstar said...

Your marriage license is too cool! The only way I could tell who was who was by using the numbers.


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