Saturday, July 26, 2008

Anniversary Lawn Party

On Friday we celebrated our tenth anniversary with a pretty darn fine gathering of friends. We had beautiful weather (as I'm writing this there's a huge thunderstorm blowing outside - I'm glad the party was on Friday instead of Saturday!) and Steve and I decorated the backyard to enjoy our "Cocktails on the Lawn" in fine style. I was in charge of the flowers, hanging our fairy lights and paper stars in the apple tree, and artfully arranging napkins and food while Steve headed up team lawn, bar, and music. We were quite up to our reciprocal tasks.

The whole affair was pretty low key. We enjoyed fabulous cocktails (go Steve!), lawn games of bocce ball and croquet that eventually morphed into Rock Band once it got completely dark, and all the zucchini bread, veggies, and brie that we could eat, along with desserts and a champagne toast. As an aside, I have to admit that I was amazed by the voracity of zucchini bread consumption by the group - it was quite the hit of the party. That's good, because even after sending each guest home with a minimum of one zucchini we still have roughly four thousand more to eat. Good thing it freezes well!

We also had our wedding photos and album out and were amused by the exclamations of "you were such babies!" and "what are you, like, 14 in this picture?!?" and "I can't believe that your parents let you get married!" All of which, of course, are perfectly true. Looking back at those photos we sure do look like two kids, hugely in love, and following what we knew to be God's prompting in our lives. It's a good thing God created Steve, me, and our parents with adventurous spirits!

It's been an amazing ten years and it was such a joy to celebrate with so many amazing friends. We are truly blessed.

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