Monday, July 21, 2008

Concert Season Begins

Summer concert season has officially started! Well, I guess it started in June when we saw Mark Knopfler when Sarah was in town - it was a great concert, but it was indoors, so it hardly counts as a summer concert, right?!?

Anyway, this weekend brought us two big concerts - The Police on Saturday and Emmylou Harris on Sunday! And both were fantastic. I have to admit, I thought that the Police concert would be fun, but I really had no idea how very impressive it would be - they were amazing!

And Saturday brought our first concert at the new Red Butte amphitheater. They did a fantastic job redoing the venue and we really enjoyed both the new amphitheater and the concert itself. As usual, we brought enough food to feed roughly the whole audience (see the top photo of our pack horses walking up to stand in line) and spent a lovely afternoon with the Knapps sitting in line, enjoying mojitos in the unbelievably hot sun, and, finally, listening to a wonderful live performance by a true legend.

Not a bad way to spend a weekend!

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