Thursday, July 31, 2008

Summertime for Sam

Since the past few posts have been about Ben, I thought it was high time to give you an update on Sam's summer. In his own words, here's how Sam is enjoying his vacation:

Almost all summer I've been watching Dad play Metroid Prime 3. When I get a chance to play video games, I play Battlefront II. When I'm not playing video games, I play with Legos. I built the Imperial Landing Craft and the Batmobile. I like to play with pretty much all the sets I have built.

I've been reading a lot of books this summer. The Way Things Work is a book that tells about almost everything, about how it works. It's really cool. Calvin and Hobbes books are really weird. Would you expect someone to do the things Calvin does? I think I've read 20 Calvin and Hobbes books. I really like them.

I like playing with Ben. Well, not always because he's kind of a grumpy kid and he's kind of mean sometimes. He's also really fun sometimes.

I think summer's really fun, a lot funner than the school year. When school starts I think I'll be looking forward to summer again.


sandyamstar said...

It sounds like you have been busy Sam. I remember your dad reading those books....does that make them antiques?

Jstar said...

Isn't the preferred term "vintage"?

Butch & Tracy said...

Good for you reading books!
Very cool that you like playing video games, I guess what kid doesn't. My kids play as often as they can as well. It seems that you have really enjoyed your summer. Cool...



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