Saturday, February 15, 2014

Utah Ski Tour, continued - Seeing Bryce by Cross-Country

Our final stop on last week's epic ski tour was a day nordic skiing at Bryce Canyon National Park.

Bryce is always magical, but I don't think anything can beat the beauty of Bryce in the winter.  And combine the vistas of Bryce with the solitude of a winter visit and 7 of my very favorite people and you have a recipe for one fantastic day.

Thank goodness there was enough snow for a family Nordic adventure! It's so much fun to have 3 generations skiing together.
WanYing works hard to keep up
We made it to Fairyland Point! The formerly exhausted children immediately shed their skis and start hiking.
Ben surveys his domain
Sash and Grammy speed ahead
Mommy and Sasha pause for a quick (beautiful!) snapshot
Ben and Sasha decide to race ahead to scout out picnic spaces
This may be our loveliest picnic spot ever
The hiking was great!  Cleaning the sandy icy mud out of our cleats, not so much.
One happy family at the end of a great trip.  Thanks for great snow and great memories, Southern Utah!

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Becca B said...

These are ALL BEAUTIFUL! Love them.


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