Monday, February 17, 2014

5 Years a Morningstar!

Five years ago today an overwhelmed, joyful, frazzled, and relieved Steve and Jamie rushed from the courthouse in Karaganda Kazakhstan back to the Botakoz Baby House to officially welcome Alexandra Grace to the Morningstar Family! And as long as the road to that moment was - 13 months of paperwork and waiting followed by 4 weeks of orphanage visits in Kazakhstan waiting for our court date to be scheduled and finally arrive - we knew that February 17, 2009 wasn't the end but rather the beginning of a whole new journey.

And what an adventure our lives as a family of 5, and now 6, have been!  Sasha continues to add spunk, sass, and sparkle to every day.  We are so glad and grateful for all we have learned from her tenacious spirit, exuberant affection, and passionate persistence.

Happy Gotcha Day, Sasha.  We are so proud that you are ours.  And we are grateful that we are yours!

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